Live image from the Eel River Fernbridge cam,click to go there!

Until we get the River Lodge cam working again we will show these Eel River views from the Fernbridge webcam. It's light enough for pictures by 07:05 Pacific time.

Our newest cams:
New Kneeland Airport cameras Eureka/Arcata Airport webcam
On the left, one of three cameras located at the Kneeland Airport. On the right, one of the Eureka/Arcata Airport Cams above Clam Beach. If it is clear you can see the ocean on this one.
Point Arena Lighthouse webcam Pacific Ocean Shelter Cove Lost Coast Headlands webcam
On the left, the Lighthouse Cam at Point Arena in southern Mendocino County, and on the right is the Lost Coast Cam in Shelter Cove.
Cam caretaker:


Find more about Weather in Fortuna, CA

The beautiful and rugged North Coast of California is home to this private weather station and its webcams. The urban and the wild mingle here; giant redwood trees, the delicate rustling of eucalyptus leaves, the pounding of the surf, or gurgle of a secluded creek.

This station's microclimate weather data is acquired near the Rohnerville Airport in Fortuna. This weather station is operated and maintained as a public service by, and for over a decade has recorded, processed, and published the real-time data in coastal Humboldt County's rapidly changing weather conditions.

The Eel River Delta picture on the right is from one of our many webcams, a beautiful view of one of the most scenic spots in Fortuna. See it larger! The view of the Pacific Ocean is awesome from our cam at the Inn of the Lost Coast in Shelter Cove.

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USGS Eel River web cam
USGS cam at Fernbridge. Click here to watch the video on the USGS web site. This cam is controllable!

River Lodge web cam
River Lodge. Click here to go to the webcam.
River Lodge

Downtown Fortuna web cam
Downtown Fortuna. Click here to go to this webcam.
Downtown Fortuna

South Fortuna Boulevard web cam
South Fortuna Boulevard. This cam is at Fortuna Wheel and Brake. Click here to go to this webcam.
Fortuna Boulevard

Eureka/Arcata Airport cam
This is one of three cams located at the Eureka/Arcata Airport in McKinleyville. Click here to go to this webcam.
Eureka/Arcata Airport, McKinleyville

Murray Field Airport cam
This is one of four cams located at Murray Field Airport in Eureka. Click here to go to this webcam.
Murray Field Airport, Eureka

Rohnerville Airport cam
This is one of four cams located at the Rohnerville Airport. Click here to go to this webcam.
Rohnerville Airport

Garberville Airport cam
This is one of four cams located at the Garberville Airport. Click here to go to this webcam.
Garberville Airport

Shelter Cove Airport cam
This is one of four cams located at the Shelter Cove Airport. Click here to go to this webcam.
Shelter Cove Airport

Inn of the Lost Coast, Shelter Cove
This is one of three cams located at the Inn of the Lost Coast in Shelter Cove. Click here to go to this webcam.
Inn of the Loast Coast
Shelter Cove

Lighthouse Cam, Point Arena
This is one of three cams located at the Point Arena Lighthouse in southern Mendocino County. Click here to go to this webcam.
Point Arena Lighthouse

Kneeland Airport camera
This is one of three cams located at the Kneeland Airport. Click here to go to this webcam.
Kneeland Airport

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Fortuna Weather

Find more about Weather in Fortuna, CA
Temperature shown is at the Rohnerville Airport

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KBHX radar - Click to enlarge

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  •       Updated 9:57 AM   (UTC 17:57  01/20)

    Temperature: 44°F (6.7°C)+

    The wind chill makes it feel like 39°F
    The air temperature 30 minutes ago was 43°F
    An hour ago it was 43°F
    Today's high was 44°F at 00:00, the low was 42°F at 01:58

    Yesterday's high of 54°F came at 14:54
    Yesterday's low of 44°F was at 09:24

  • Humidity: 96%, the dewpoint is 43°F+

    Today's highest humidity was 97% at 03:22, and the low was 92% at 00:00
  • Air Pressure: 29.19 inHg  (988.5 hPa or mbar)+

    15 minutes ago: 29.19 inHg  (988.6 hPa)
    30 minutes ago: 29.20 inHg  (988.7 hPa)
    an hour ago: 29.19 inHg  (988.3 hPa)

  • Wind: from the ESE (113°) at 10 mph (5 m/s or 9 knots), gusts to 13 mph+

    The 10-minute wind average is 7 mph from the SE, and the maximum gust during the last 10 minutes was 13 mph

    30 minutes ago the wind was from the ESE at 11 mph and the highest gust was 18 mph. An hour ago it came from the E at 11 mph and the highest gust was 18 mph.

    Today's highest gust was 31 mph at 01:12

    Yesterday's highest gust was 28 mph, and the highest for the month was 34 mph.

  • Rain: 1.23 inches today (31.3 mm), current rain rate: 0.00 in/hr+

    Rainfall in the last hour: 0.05 inches

    Yesterday's total was 0.65 inches
    The month's total is 10.5"
    The year's total is 32.4" (October 1 through September 30)
    Rain Rate: currently 0.00 inches per hour
    Today's highest rate was 0.82 in/hr at 08:25

    Rain MapNew window icon

    River Levels
  • Soil Temperature: 47°F (8°C) at a depth of 8 inches+

    This month's highest soil temperature was 48°F on 01/08, and its lowest was 42°F on 01/06.
    For the year, the high soil temperature was 48°F on 01/08, and its low was 42°F on 01/06.
    In 2016, the lowest soil temperature dropped to 44° in January, and the highest reached 69° in July. In 2015, those were 42° and 73° respectively. These yearly ranges are fairly typical at this location and were measured at a depth of 8 inches. We hope to add a sensor to a raised bed this year.

    Knowing the last frost date is a good rule of thumb, but an inexpensive soil thermometer will actually do a better job of helping you plan your garden.


Weather History

North Coast Rainfall, 24 hours


Alternative local graphs



Enlarge Weather Data Map



Fortuna Weather Archive:
Today's Graph and WUnderground's archive   |  Local archive through June 2014


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Forecast for Northwest California


Forecast for Fortuna


River levels, click to go there!USA weather map, click to enlarge!

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